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Wedding References

Bible Verses by Topic

The Ideal Wife:

Advice to women
Praiseworthy women
Wives submit to your husbands
Woman man's helper
Women in marriage

The Ideal Husband:

Advice to men
Faithful men
Husbands love your wives
Men in marriage

The Ideal Woman:

Beautiful women in the Bible
Faithful women

The Ideal Man:

Handsome men
Praiseworthy men
Proper behavior of men

What the Bible Says About Marriage:

Advice to those marrying
Finding a wife
Happiness in marriage
Marriage in heaven
Purpose of marriage
Special couples in the Bible

The Sanctity of Marriage:

Creation of man & woman
Who should you marry


Unity in marriage
Mystery of marriage union
Weddings in the Bible


Perfect love
Romantic love
Strength of love
Weddings in the Bible


Proper behavior of men Communication
Proper behavior of men Dealing with disagreements
Difficult spouse Help to save a marriage
Unity in marriage Unity in marriage

Sex in Marriage:

Purity in marriage Purity in marriage
Romantic love Sex in marriage
Unity in marriage Warnings against immorality

Family Relationships:

Faithful women Family relationships
How to have a strong family How to have a strong family
Will work for food Will work for food


Discipline of Children Discipline of children
Children in the Bible Raising children